iCann Lifestyle, Cannavist CBD & Wellbeing Award Winner!

iCann Lifestyle has been awarded not one but TWO awards at the Cannavist CBD & Wellbeing Awards 2021, an industry-leading competition that is judged by thousands of public votes. This is a momentous occasion for iCann, in which we’re hugely proud.

Tony Rolfe, Managing Director for iCann Lifestyle said “These Cannavist Awards are a great way to see the appreciation of our customers, and demonstrates that iCann brand really does have a lot to offer the health and beauty market.  It demonstrates that our products make a noticeable difference to our customers in terms of their health and wellbeing”.

iCann ‘Rest & Repair’ CBD Massage Oil received an award for the Best Aromatherapy category.  The feedback from iCann customers has laid the foundations for this award.  We’re hearing that the CBD Massage Oil has proven to be a real game changer in meeting our customer’s needs.

The iCann CBD Tinctures received an award in the prestigious award’s Best Supplement category.  This isn’t a surprise to us here at iCann.  We’re hearing time and time again that our CBD Tinctures go above and beyond when comparing with other similar brands.  iCann’s regard to its high manufacturing standards means that only the best quality ingredients are used, and in the right way.

Katie Loomes of the Cannavist Awards said, “Out of thousands of votes, your brand has been awarded two CANNAVIST Awards. This has been an extraordinary year and you should be incredibly proud of your achievement.”

The iCann product range, which has recently been endorsed by Dr Naomi, who has a PhD in chronic pain research, has hailed the iCann CBD Tinctures as a natural solution that has the potential to help people lead happier and fuller lives. 

The team at iCann are confident that the newly awarded products are just the beginning of a long and successful journey in meeting the needs of our customers for many years to come.

Try our range today to see why they’re award-winning!